Monday 11am-9pm

Lunch Buffet: 11am-4pm $9.99 (Seniors $8.99)

Dinner Buffet: 4pm-pm $12.49 (Seniors $11.49)

Tuesday 11am-9pm

Lunch Buffet: 11am-4pm $9.99 (Seniors $8.99)

Dinner Buffet: 4pm-9pm $12.49 (Seniors $11.49)

Wednesday 11am-9pm

Lunch Buffet: 11am-4pm $9.99 (Seniors $8.99)

Dinner Buffet: 4pm-9pm $12.49 (Seniors $11.49)



Thursday 11am-9pm

Lunch Buffet: 11am-4pm $9.99 (Seniors $8.99)

Dinner Buffet: 4pm-9pm $12.49 (Seniors $11.49)

Friday 11am-10pm

Lunch Buffet: 11am-4pm $9.99 (Seniors $8.99)

Dinner Buffet: 4pm-10pm $13.49 (Seniors $12.49)

Saturday 9am-10pm

Breakfast: 9am-11:30am $10.49 (seniors $9.99)

Dinner Buffet: 11:30am –10pm $13.49 (Seniors 12.49)


Sunday 9am-9pm

Breakfast: 9am-11:30am $10.49 (seniors $9.99)

Dinner Buffet: 11:30am –10pm $13.49 (Seniors 12.49)



Beverage Prices:

Adult & Senior Beverages: $2.19

Child Beverage: $1.39

*Free Beverage with purchase of breakfast buffet (excludes fountain drinks and sweet/unsweet tea)

Finding us is easy!

Wood Grill Buffet Locations

Charlottesville, VA

576 Branchlands Blvd.

Charlottesville, Virginia 22901



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Harrisonburg, VA

1711 Reservoir Street

Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801



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COVID-19 Response

Our Commitment

“The Wood Grill Family,” will continue to act with urgency, and take immediate steps necessary to do what is right to protect our Customers, our Crew, and our Communities. We operate with the highest standards of quality and cleanliness – Going above and beyond what is required as well as what is common practices in the restaurant industry.  We follow strict policies and procedures on cleanliness, sanitization, and health, because this is fundamental to who we are and what we do every day!  

To Our Customers

We are so grateful for the continued support of our Customers during this unprecedented time.  “The Wood Grill Family,” wants to personally thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We remain committed to going above and beyond the government required standards, along with recommendations published by the CDC and WHO.  This includes reinforcing our industry’s sanitation standards, ensuring or crew is healthy, following all the health and social distancing guidelines, and even adjusting how we serve you to limit contact.  

To Our Crew

We are so grateful for our amazing Crew, we simply couldn’t do any of this without each and every one of you!   We will continue to support each Crewmember and get through this situation together.   

To Our Communities

“The Wood Grill Family,” has always sought out ways to support our local Communities.  It’s the foundation of who we are, and what we believe in.   We are looking for creative ways to stay involved in our Communities, while adhering to standards and guidelines to keep our Crew and Customers safe.  “The Wood Grill Family,” encourages our Communities to continue to reach out, and look forward to joining you at local events in the future.  

Our Current Actions

Wood Grill has taken numerous steps to ensure the health and safety of our Customers, Crew, and Communities: *We are serving Customers through our “Curbside, To-Go, and Delivery” services, to minimize direct contact among Crewmembers and Customers. *Our Crewmembers wash their hands and change their gloves every 10-15 minutes. *In accordance with the CDC recommendations, we are providing all Crewmembers with face protective coverings to wear while working. *We practice social distancing. *Our Crewmembers sanitize & disinfect all surfaces consistently throughout the work hours, and a deep cleaning at the end of every shift. *We conduct daily training updates to educate our Crew about COVID-19, to help keep themselves, their family, and friends healthy.  *We screen all our Crewmembers daily before they are allowed to start working, and if any Crewmember shows symptoms, they are sent home to self-quarantine.   These times are difficult, but we’re not in this alone, and will get through this together.    


The Wood Grill Family


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